‘Anthology One: Boxes’ is available to read in full.

Below are links to magazines and anthologies I’ve written for:

‘Again and Again’ in Causeway/Cabhsair

‘America’ in New Writing Scotland 32

‘Ascension Island’ in Edinburgh Review issue 134

‘Chemistry’ in Hingston and Olsen Advent Calendar 2017

‘Collected History of Museums’ in Gutter 11

‘Farm’ in Edinburgh Review 

‘Flying to the Interior’ in The White Revie16 

‘Harmony’ in Dactyl 2

‘Kind of Person’ in Ambit 222

‘To the Border’ in Litro 135

‘Two’ in Valve Journal issue 3

‘Two Men Coming Towards Me With Knives’ in Extra Teeth issue 1

‘Zoo’ in Edinburgh Review issue 140